We investigate all suspicions of fraud and implement fraud prevention policies. We investigate all frauds related to:

Asset Misappropriation: A scheme in which a third party or employee steals or misuse the employing organization’s resources. Eg: Theft of cash, Fraudulent Disbursements, Theft and Misuse of Inventory and Other Assets, Embezzlement.

Corruption: A scheme in which an employee misuses his or her influence in a business transaction in a way that violates his or her duty to the employer in order to gain a direct or indirect benefit. Eg: Conflicts of Interests, Bribery, Illegal Gratuities, Procurement Schemes.

Financial Statement Fraud Schemes: A scheme in which an employee intentionally causes a misstatement or omission of material information in the organization’s financial reports. Eg: Net Income Overstatements, Net Income Understatements.

The most common category of fraud that businesses encounter is Asset Misappropriation. These fraud schemes involves: Skimming, Cash Larceny, Register Disbursements, Check Tampering, Billing, Accounts Receivables, Expense Reimbursement, Payroll, Non-cash, Inventory Schemes, and Corruption.